When it comes to equipping your lenses with blocker, all you need to do is notify your optician at time of purchasing. Blue Blocker Coating is generally an option on your lenses, as not everyone spends over 5 hours a day in front of screens. Blue blocker coating can be applied to most single vision lenses, most Bi focal & progressive lenses and of course put onto computer lenses. It is best to let the optician know, you spend a lot of time in front of the computer so he or she can then recommend blue blocker as a treatment for your visual health. Keep in mind the only time blue blocker cannot be added to a lens, is if the lens has the transition option on it. At that point, you must decide if outdoor sun protection from the transition is more of a priority, or if you spend more time infront of screens. When done right, your lenses will then be equipped with anti scratch, anti static, UV and blue blocker coating.

What makes it better for those who don’t have a prescription but need blue blocker coating is the design and feel glasses have now. They are not heavy, or ugly like they used to be. Produced with carbon fibre, or titanium or from Gucci and Tom Ford with there Italian plastic and 18K gold infused frames, blue blocker glasses can help with your vision and your overall look!