This article will be great for those who are thinking about trying contact lenses for the first time or just want greater knowledge for the next time you order contacts.

We will be outlining the different wearing schedules for contact lenses including hours per day and the do’s and don’ts of contact lens wearing.

We’ll start off with when contact lenses are not a suitable option and its best to keep your glasses on.

There are some environments which contacts aren’t the greatest for. Ideally, you want to avoid wearing contact lenses in an atmosphere of chemicals and heat. Situations with chemicals and or heat can make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable and even unsafe. Ladies, when you are applying hair spray or any other chemical you want to keep your eyes closed during that time, or have your glasses on and insert your contacts later.

There are 3 wearing schedule contact lenses. Available are daily, bi- weekly and monthly lenses.

Daily lenses come in packs of 30 or 90 and are meant to be worn up to 12 hours in one day and then tossed away. There is no cleaning, no storing and no bacteria build up with Daily lenses making them the healthier, cleaner option. Daily lenses are most ideal for new wearers, teens, and for those who only want to wear contacts for sports or special occasions. Almost all manufacturers offer a version of daily lenses. To see which is best for your schedule and prescription, Mezmereyes Optical contact lens selection has an option that’s best for you

Bi Weekly lenses are created by Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys and are rated as highly comfortable amongst wearers for reusable lenses. Once opened from the factory seal, you can wear each pair for up to 14 days, with maximum 15 hours a day to wear. MezmerEyes Optical Oasys is in stock for most prescription.

In Canada, the longest wearing reusable lens is a monthly lens. While other countries may have annual or semi-annual lenses, Health Canada keeps 30 days as the longest reusable lens. Ideally, the less you wear a lens, the cleaner and safer it remains. With monthly lenses, there are 15-hour lenses and 24-hour lenses available. That’s right, there are lenses in which you can nap, that re still breathable and comfortable, just remove and give a light clean after waking up. At Mezmereyes Biofinity lenses are easily available in sphere, toric, multi focal and high astigmatism prescriptions.