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Getting used to the new norm, doesn’t mean you have to have foggy vision for the next few years!

Many wearers may have instantly noticed that their glasses get cloudy and foggy when wearing a mask. Luckily, lenses at MezmerEyes optical will help you say goodbye to foggy vision.

The reason lens fogging occurs is because the temperature of your exhale directed upwards from your mask opening, hits the colder lens causing fogging. In the past the general way a lens would fog is when you come inside from a winters day and your cold lenses would instantly fog.

There are a couple solutions that can help for a short while, but only one permanent solution.

One temporary solution is placing your glasses on top of your mask. The goal of this is your glasses are placing weight on the opening of your mask, reducing the amount of moisture rising up to your glasses.

The other solution which is the permanent solution is equipping your lenses with Anti-Fog coating. This is offered on lenses by Crizal or Nikon which have an anti fog layer on your lenses and every few weeks, the patient cleans the lenses with this special cloth, once again re invigorating the anti fog coating.

For patients in the Toronto Area, having a constant problem with fog distorting your lenses, MezmerEyes has both Essilor and Nikon lenses that can be coated with Anti- Fog, Blue Blocker or Transition lenses.

Open During Lockdowns- Call before visiting at 4163350786
Open During Lockdowns- Call before visiting at 4163350786