Finding the right pair or sunglasses can be a struggle depending on what your doing exactly. To begin with you need to know what style and shape works best for you. At the same time, this pair has to also be practical and snug so it doesn’t fall into the water.

If your parasailing, you want to enjoy being up in the air without worrying about your sunglasses blowing off. In that sense, a wrapped pair is always recommended.

If your fishing, you want a pair of shades that is best for fishing, such as a blue polarized lens from Rayban or Maui Jim.

In general, like all eyewear you want to make sure your new sunglasses are durable, have the potential to survive being dropped while also making sure its full UV protection an polarized lenses.

When choosing a pair, think about the overall use the shades will have for you. No one pair will be best for every specific watersport, but as long as its full UV protected, anti glare and polarized, it’s a good start.

UV protections

When your outside under the sun, protecting your eyes should be very important to you, especially around water. Water is highly reflective, and can reflect up to 80% of light rays that hits the water. Once it reflects off water and ice, and hits you in the eye, it can be very hard to see causing you to squint even with non polarized sunglasses on.

With nothing protecting your eyes, you put your eyes at a high risk of photokeratits, macular degeneration and cataracts, and other visual irregularities that can lead to blindness.

All sunglasses sold at MezmerEyes comes with full UV protection. This includes UV A, UV B and UV 400 which gives over 99% protection against UV rays.

How to reduce glare around water

The answer to this is: polarized sunglasses. Polarized make a day and night difference while wearing around water and ice.

Glare can cause eye squinting, fatigue and strain, resulting in headaches, not to mention glare can make it very difficult to see clearly.

Polarized sunglasses and goggles have an anti-reflective coating that blocks intense reflected light off of the water. This can help reduce glare and discomfort, while allowing you to see more clearly through the surface of the water, which is great for sports such as fishing and swimming.

Be advised, however: Not all polarized sunglasses offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays. Polarization and UV protection are not synonymous, so just make sure the polarized sunglasses your eyeing also have the proper UV coating.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR SUNGLASSES CHECKLIST? Shop for the best sunglasses for your preferred water sport at an optical shop near you or an online eyewear retailer.

Sunglasses accessories you should consider

For additional protection on the water, invest in wraparound sunglasses to shield your peripheral vision from harmful rays, glare and even wind that may dry out your eyes. Additionally, other accessories to consider are:

A head strap

Water is more likely to wash away your sunglasses than the wind is to blow them away. In either case, it’s a no-brainer that a head strap should accompany any sunglasses used for a water activity.

Anti-impact protection

Sunglasses can break your nose if they get hit hard enough, which can happen when doing a lot of water sports, especially surfing. The lenses also can shatter.

Sunglasses specifically designed for water sports should have padded frames and should be shatter-proof. Look for a pair that distributes the force of impact across your face, which should be indicated on the sunglasses’ label.

Hydrophobic coating

There is a high probability your sunglasses will get drenched and your lenses will blur with water while you are doing almost any water sport. A hydrophobic coating added to sunglasses will help create surface tension on your lenses, which will repel the water and keep your vision clearer.

Anti-fogging lenses

Sunglasses that have ventilation actually prevent your lenses from fogging up. Sunglasses or goggles get foggy because when the lenses go under water, they get cold. But your face stays hot. The more ventilated your sunglasses are, the less they will fog up.