Are you reading this article with your phone or screen moved far from your eyes? If its easier for you to read smaller fonts at a farther distance, that may be a sign you’re hitting the bi focal stage in life. You used to be able to read the ingredients at the grocery store easily, and now you find yourself squinting and holding the product at arms reach. This is what is known as presbyopia. Part of aging is your eye muscles aren’t as strong as they used to, and can no longer squint to sharpen text the way they once used to.

Not to worry, there has been a solution to this for hundreds of years, but over the last few years new technology has made lenses crisper and more comfortable for a new bi focal wearer.
If you have been procrastinating on wearing reading glasses or no line progressive lenses, you may be doing more harm to your eyes. At this point, finding a perfect fitting frame, with the right lenses will give you a better public appearance then constantly squinting and struggling in public.

Before you can purchase a pair of multi focal lenses you must get a prescription. At MezmerEyes, its free eye exam with complete pair. Meaning when you purchase a frame and lenses, your eye exam is included at no charge. This way the doctor can prescribe the most up to date feedback you are feeling in the form of a prescription. There will be a portion on your prescription for distance and an ADD section for your near/ reading prescription. The doctor will also check the health of the eye. Symptom’s and signs of dry eye, glaucoma and diabetes can all be viewed with a full eye check up.

Once you have completed your eye exam, you will then have a good idea of what kind of frame is most suitable for you and your prescription. The Registered Optician can help guide you to the frames that would best frame your face. That is ensuring the right size on your face, making sure its not tight behind your ears and that it’s a frame you are comfortable wearing all day.

Lastly, would be lens selection. With progressive lenses there are conventional and digital lenses. Mezmereyes optical progressive lenses all consist of digital lenses as they are newer technology at the same price!

Digital lenses offer bigger/ wider reading zone as well as enhanced lens sharpness from new production technology. If your prescription is above a +/- 3.00, you may want to think of a thin and light lens. If you spend majority of your day outside, transition or prescription sunglasses may be good option for you to have. Lastly, if you spend multiple hours in front of a screen, then blue blocker lenses will help reduce any ocular muscle tension as well as dryness, etc.

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