Destroy Covid-19, not your frames

In order not to damage eyewear AVOID cleaning with:
  • Acid based chemicals
  • Solutions and wipes with high alcohol content
In today’s world where hygiene and precautions are taken in every aspect of our life, we must take a minute to make sure our spectacles are also bacteria free. Covid- 19 has a lipid or greasy membrane. This means most ready to use disinfecting cleaners will do a great job on surfaces to destroy any lipid membranes. However, these cleaners with there alcohol level can have a high chance of destroying your frames by causing discolouring on metal or plastic frames and or lenses.

A great alternative to the ready to use cleaners is to prepare a hydrogen peroxide 0.5% solution:
  • A bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3.6% peroxide or 3.0% peroxide)
  • Put on PPE (safety goggles & nitrile gloves)
  • Dilute 1 part 3.6% hydrogen peroxide with 6 parts of tap water, or if using 3.0% hydrogen peroxide dilute 1 part with 5 parts of tap water
  • Carefully pour dilution into opaque spray bottle (to prevent light passing through bottle, light will reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide)
  • Label spray bottle “hydrogen Peroxide 0.5%”

It is recommended to produce a full bottle amount on a weekly basis to keep solution effective.

As a starting point, all new glasses purchases from MezmerEyes, comes complimentary with a cleaning spray, to help maintain a clean set of lenses and frames.