If you are going to be putting anything in your eye, you should be prepared to put extra care into cleaning and hygiene. Failure to maintain, clean, wear and store your lenses can have direct negative effects on your vision, exterior eye area and germs penetrating your eye.

If you ever had any doubts, questions or unsure, here is the CDC recommendations for proper maintenance and wearing:

  • Do not sleep with contact lenses- Unless they are extended wear contact lenses or
    Specifically told by your eye care professional, sleeping in contact can cause up to 8x greater chance of an eye infection.
  • Be Prepared- While wearing lenses, you never know when they can pop out or another random mishap. That is why its always best to keep your eyeglasses nearby.
  • Wash Hands- Before handling your contact lenses, always wash your hands with soap, and dry them.
  • Do not mix contacts & water- Water has bacteria that can enter the body when you insert your contact lenses. That is why the previous point of washing and drying your hands is vital. Never wash, or store your lenses in water.
  • Clean your lenses appropriately: Using the recommended contact lens cleaning solution, add a couple drops on you palm, then add one contact on top, followed by a couple more drops of solution. Then, using your fingertips, not nails, give your lenses a light circular motion rub. This will help remove dirt and debris, before storing. After each use, store the case upside down with the caps off. Importantly, you should replace your contact lens case at least once every three months.

The following general guidelines will help you stay safe, see better and make the most of your lenses. Always follow the wearing schedule of your contacts. If they are bi weekly, they should only be worn for 14 days from first wear. For any other questions, reach out to an eye care professional to best practices.

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